Mercerville PTA, Inc.

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Always a Mountain Lion.

How to subscribe (iCal Subscription)
Select your calendar system below to learn how to subscribe to the Mercerville iCal file 

(All events at all location)


Subscribe to this URL:

Go to the Settings icon and choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
Select "Add Account..."
Select "Other" at the bottom of the list
Select "Add Subscribed Calendar"
In the "Server" field enter the URL of the ICS feed and then click the "Next" button
A detailed dialog window will open. Enter a meaningful description in the "Description" field
Click the "Save" button


Google Calendar
Log into your Google calendar (
In the pane in the lower left of the window, click the downward pointing triangle to the right of the "Other calendars" label.
Select "Add by URL..."
Enter the URL of the ICS feed in the "URL:" field 
Click "Add Calendar"

PTA Calendar of Events

Directions Are Detailed Below to Subscribe to this Calendar